Quotes that will turn your frown into a histerical laugh or a smile

"if someone is talking behind your back, just fart" "Expecting things to change without putting in any effort is like waiting for a ship at the airport" "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls." - Audrey Hepburn "Even though you might have lost yourself, get up and find the fallen pecies that fell... Continue Reading →


I know that some people would not trust me talking about this...... I mean come on, by far, I have zero views and zero comments on anything that I write. I also have only written 2 things, so that definitely says something. I know that some of you guys out there, might really enjoy writing... Continue Reading →

Negatives attract Postives??

I bet some of you have heard the saying "Negatives attract Postives." I mean, sure, that may aply to magnets, but does it really work for humans? The answer is no. I know that teens love to make their life depressing, and overly dramatic, but does it have to be that way? I have to... Continue Reading →

The Story Begins but never ends…

Every story has a beginning, and most have endings. If every story all had endings then wouldn't everyone die in the end? After every happy ending the story keeps going. There are highs and lows, that don't get mentioned. How can we make our life full of Happy moments, without the endings? This is a... Continue Reading →

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